5 Biggest changes we’re expecting on Galaxy 8

The rumor mill has extremely been heating up as we have a tendency to approach the top of the year and Samsung finalizes its plans for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge. In fact, we all know enough currently to securely assume that there won’t be a “Galaxy S8 edge” in 2017.  

Each of next year’s Galaxy S8 models square measure expected to feature a style that curves downward on either side.
Smartphone fans expect to check on next year’s Galaxy S8? Here square measure the 5 biggest changes we’re expecting:

All-screen style

Okay, therefore it won’t extremely be “all screen,” however the front of the Galaxy S8 is anticipated to be occupied in the main by a beautiful new Super AMOLED show with 2K immoderate HD resolution. This hot new style can see the bezels on either facet of the show fully eliminated, permitting the photographs shown on the screen to roll over the semicircular edges and disappear on the edges of the phone. The edge sizes will be drastically reduced higher than and below the screen, in line with reports.

No place like home

In order to shrink that bottom edge down, Samsung’s typical rectangular home button can reportedly now not be gift beneath the screen. As a result, the house button’s duties can shift to faucets and gestures performed on the screen. Then the house button’s fingerprint scanner can reportedly be embedded below the show.

This is one thing we’ve legendary to be within the pipeline for Apple’s iPhone eight for quite a while currently, and Samsung can on the face of it beat Apple to the punch. Actually, Apple ripoff creator Xiaomi beat each firms to the punch. We’ve examine this new all-screen style variety of times currently, last on Thursday morning once Bloomberg reiterated all an equivalent details yet again.

Next-gen processors

Apple is usually resolution ahead once it involves smartphone performance, however 2017 may see the gap slim considerably.

In 2016, new humanoid smartphones discharged all year long were no match for Apple’s 2015 iPhone 6s on paper or in performance tests. Then, the iPhone seven came on and blew all out of the water. as a result of Apple’s in-house mobile chips square measure therefore powerful and its package is optimized therefore well, we have a tendency to don’t see Apple losing its lead during this space anytime shortly.

That said, we’re hearing superb things regarding the Qualcomm flower 835 chipset expected to power the U.S. version of next year’s Galaxy S8, and therefore the new Exynos chip headed to the international model is claimed to be even as spectacular. If humanoid and Samsung’s “Samsung Experience” tweaks don’t get within the approach, we have a tendency to may well be observing a awfully powerful smartphone so.


One of Siri’s co-creators went on to form a more moderen, purportedly higher version of his virtual personal assistant. He named it Viv, and so he oversubscribed his company to Samsung. the corporate has since confirmed that it’s AI-based personal assistant, which is able to contend with the likes of Siri and Alexa, can debut on next year’s Galaxy S8.


Last however not least, recent reports claim that Galaxy S8 users will kiss the quality three.5mm electro-acoustic transducer jack sayonara as a result of Samsung is ditching it and going with USB-C for audio yet as charging. this can be significantly screaming not simply because Samsung fans spent such a lot time ridiculing iPhone users once the iPhone seven and seven and ditched the dedicated electro-acoustic transducer port, however as a result of Samsung itself discharged shots at Apple many times over the choice to get rid of the three.5mm audio jack.

Even as Samsung executives and therefore the company’s PR team was mocking Apple over its call, we have a tendency to all knew the corporate would ultimately find yourself repeating Apple and ditching the inheritance port to unlock house for different components… we have a tendency to simply didn’t are aware of it would happen therefore shortly

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