The Ultimate WordPress Guide For Beginners

WordPress guide for beginners  

Welcome to this exclusive edition of ShoutMeLoud, where you will be learning about how to create and setup your WordPress blog. This guide is exclusively for new bloggers who want to create their own blog. For existing WordPress bloggers, I have also listed down pro tips which you should start implementing right now to make your WordPress blog professional.
This WordPress guide will ensure following things at the end:
  • How to buy your own Webhosting and domain for your WordPress blog.
  • You have your WordPress blog installed in next 10 minutes.
  • Essential setup after installing WordPress
  • Things which you need to do after WordPress installation  & setup ( Step by step tutorials with pictures)
  • WordPress plugins which you should install and how to set them up.
  • Pro tips to make your WordPress blog grow faster
  • SEO of your WordPress blog
Do remember, this WordPress for beginners guide is crafted with utmost care and is regularly updated ( Last time updated on August 2014) and you should also bookmark it for future reference. You are free to browse our WordPress catalog where you can find more articles, apart from what i have listed in this article. So. lets start with our guide:

Creating your WordPress blog (First step)

The first thing which you need to create a WordPress blog is Webhosting and domain name. Webhosting is where your files will be stored and domain is the name of your blog.  You can buy hosting from Bluehost which comes with free domain and cost $6.95/month for unlimited hosting space and bandwidth.  This process will take 5 minutes and here is a video guide to help you. Click on the below link and get one hosting package for you.
Now next thing you need to do is install WordPress blog on your domain. This process will take another 5 minutes and below is the step by step tutorial which you need:
Now you have your WordPress blog ready and you need to make few changes such as setting up permalink, and few other settings. Don’t worry it’s not technical and you can quickly do it with the help of below guide:
Well done job so far and before you play with more stuff, lets quickly watch few videos which will make you understand WordPress better.
Few things to learn before moving to next level:
Here are few things which you need to learn before moving to next level. This will help you to do other things quickly and without getting stuck anywhere. These guides are for your reference:
With all the above steps you are graduated from newbie to beginner level and now it’s time to pimp up your blog with important things. Here are those:

Beginner tip to WordPress Pro blog:

One of the major mistake which many newbie makes after creating WordPress blog is, they don’t bother setting up other stuff which create a huge difference. These few setup will create a lot of difference and every step won’t take more than 5 minutes. In case of any confusion you can drop me an Email at, and I will reply to your queries within 24 hours.
Now it’s time to set up few WordPress plugin which will make a huge difference and is important:

WordPress SEO : From Beginner to Intermediate Level

Welcome to next level and this is going to create the biggest difference for your WordPress blog. You need one hour to understand everything here and if you have been learning and implementing everything continuously so far, take a break for an hour. Come back with fresh mind and you will be learning something which will make you stand apart from other bloggers.
WordPress Pro Tips:
As promised here are tips for those WordPress bloggers who have been using WordPress for long and want to learn some advanced tips.
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