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 We have touched base at an intriguing section in the story that is Apple. Beyond any doubt the organization is as yet pulling in much more cash than any of its adversaries, yet the time of quick development that we as a whole knew was unsustainable has at long last arrived at an end and Wall Street is flipping. Obviously when Wall Street flips, the media takes after firmly behind. One speedy look at Apple features at this moment and you'd think the organization was very nearly liquidation at the end of the day.

So what would be the best next step?

The iPhone is Apple's center business and it will keep on being the organization's main moneymaker for a long time to come, so everyone's eyes are on the current year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the close term.

Since Apple saw its first-ever iPhone deals decrease in the March quarter, a fun minimal account that is making the rounds now is that Apple's iPhone lineup is no more "energizing." Forget the way that the organization still sold more than 51.5 million iPhones last quarter. Disregard the way that keeping pace with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was never going to happen, since they delighted in high as can be deals because of repressed interest for iPhones with bigger screens.

Nope, this is on the grounds that iPhones are exhausting. So in what manner can Apple make them energizing once more?

There has been bounty composed about Apple's up and coming iPhones over the recent weeks. We've seen some huge releases that presumable show us precisely what the cutting edge iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are going to resemble, and we've perused some bits of gossip about the telephones' specs. Tim Cook as of late teased new iPhones with imaginative new components that individuals won't have the capacity to live without, yet so far nothing we've found in holes has indicated at what those new elements may be.

So normally, we've seen a lot of tech scholars more than willing to share their thoughts for components that may make the iPhone 7 an absolute necessity have gadget.

All the disturbance out there will undoubtedly make even brilliant individuals keep in touch with some impossible to miss things, and a late article on Wired is one of the strangest posts I've seen for this present week on the point. Titled "Three major redesigns that'd make the iPhone energizing once more," the article without a doubt pulled in some eyes. However, I, for one, was left scratching my head.

Most importantly, Apple's iPhones are no more energizing, as indicated by this post. Simply don't tell the 75 million individuals who hurried out to purchase an iPhone this past occasion quarter, or the 51+ million individuals who purchased an iPhone this past quarter.

Moving past that for a minute, I just can't wrap my head around the three recommendations set forth in this article. So as to make the iPhone "energizing once more," Apple ought to:

1. Give it an OLED show.

2. Give it a somewhat greater battery.

3. Give it a USB-C port.

Truly, those are the recommendations.

OLED presentations are awesome. As a rule, AMOLED cell phone screens are far brighter, clearer and more striking than the LCD boards Apple employments. They likewise offer more profound blacks and better differentiation. Be that as it may, is a somewhat better show truly going to energize the normal client? I'm not entirely certain.

Battery life is a tremendously imperative component for individuals when they search for another cell phone… in principle. Battery life is dependably at the highest priority on each rundown of agony focuses, however at this point individuals by and large comprehend what they're getting into when they purchase an iPhone. That is the reason heaps of dollars are spent every quarter on convenient chargers and iPhone battery cases.

I don't ponder an iPhone that accomplished barely better battery life by obtaining the terraced battery cell tech from Apple's new MacBooks, as the post recommends. Be that as it may, would picking up what more then likely would be a solitary digit rate of extra battery life per charge energize the normal client? Most likely not.

At long last, the article says Apple ought to discard its new Lightning port and change to USB-C. That is 1,000% not going to happen. In any case, on the off chance that it did happen, would it energize the normal client? In no way, shape or form. Truth be told, it would likely anger the normal client, who might then be compelled to purchase a pack of new frill since his or her old ones would no more work with the new iPhone.

I think my most concerning issue with the article isn't even the unusual recommendations covering includes that aren't unpleasantly energizing by any means. The thought including three elements that as of now exist on Android telephones — AMOLED screens, better battery life, USB-C — would some way or another make the iPhone energizing.

"New" is the name of the diversion now. The premium cell phone business sector is nearing immersion by all checks, with the goal that implies organizations need to persuade individuals to redesign so as to offer telephones. We require more advancement and less cycle.

Would a pack of components that are now out there truly persuade you to purchase another iPhone when you generally wouldn't? Beyond any doubt you need a superior screen and marginally more battery life, however are those elements truly going to energize you?
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