Google Chrome 49 New Browser UI

In case you're a major fan of Google's Chrome program, you've most likely seen a little change that, at to start with, might have appeared like some sort of bug. Expecting you've overhauled your program as of late to Chrome adaptation 49, then you'll now see a major series of symbols in the upper-right corner of the program.

These ought to look well known to you, since they're your augmentations. You most likely aren't accustomed to seeing every one of them without a moment's delay, however, which is the enormous UI change that Google as of late made to Chrome. (This, obviously, relies on upon the span of your program window and the quantity of expansions you have introduced. On the off chance that you have a group, yet are running Chrome at a little size, then it'll begin evacuating symbols to in any event safeguard some little piece of your Omnibox.)
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